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DLL files starting with a

Name Description
accessibility.ni.dll .NET Framework
accessibilitycpl.dll Ease of access control panel
acctres.dll Microsoft Internet Account Manager Resources
acctres.dll Ressources du gestionnaire de comptes Microsoft Internet
acctres.dll Risorse di Gestione account Internet Microsoft
acctres.dll Microsoft Internet Account Manager Kaynakları
acctres.dll Resurser för Microsoft Hanteraren för Internet-konton
accwiz.dll Microsoft Access Wizard Controls
acedao.dll Microsoft Access database engine Data Access Object Library
acedao.dll Microsoft Office 2007 Access database engine Object Library
acgenral.dll Windows Compatibility DLL
aclayers.dll Windows Compatibility DLL
acledit.dll Access Control List Editor
acledit.dll ACL-redigerare (Access Control List)
aclua.dll Windows Compatibility DLL
aclui.dll Security Descriptor Editor
aclui.dll Editor de descriptor de seguridad
aclui.dll Éditeur de descripteur de sécurité
aclui.dll Edytor deskryptora zabezpieczeń
aclui.dll Redigerare för säkerhetsbeskrivning
aclui.dll Editor do descritor de segurança
aclui.dll Editor del descrittore di protezione
acmigration.dll Compatibility Upgrade Migration Host
acppage.dll Compatibility Tab Shell Extension Library
acprgwiz.dll Application Compatibility Program Wizard
acproxy.dll Autochk Proxy DLL
acres.dll Application Compatibility Resource File
acspecfc.dll Windows Compatibility DLL
actioncenter.dll Security and Maintenance
actioncenter.dll Action Center
actioncentercpl.dll Security and Maintenance Control Panel
actioncentercpl.dll Action Center Control Panel
actionqueue.dll Unattend Action Queue Generator / Executor
activecontentwizard.dll Active Content Wizard
activeds.dll DLL de la couche de routage AD
activeds.dll ADs Router Layer DLL
activeds.dll DLL-fil för Active Directory Router Layer
activeds.dll ADs Router-Ebene-DLL
activeds.dll DLL de nivel de enrutado para AD
activeds.dll DLL de camada de roteador ADs
actxprxy.dll ActiveX Interface Marshaling Library
acverfyr.dll Windows Application Verifier DLL
acwow64.dll Windows Compatibility for 32bit Apps on Win64
acxtrnal.dll Windows Compatibility DLL
adammigrate.dll Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services migration plugin
adfsmig.dll ADFS Migration Plugin dll
adhapi.dll AD harvest sites and subnets API
adhsvc.dll AD Harvest Sites and Subnets Service
admexs.dll IIS AdminEx sample DLL
admin.dll Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions