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DLL files starting with c

Name Description
computerz2.dll Computer-Z Data2 Library
config.dll Config Library
configdialog.dll ConfigDialog
configdialogx64.dll ConfigDialog
configurationmanager.dll Configur Dynamic Link Library
connapi.dll Nokia Connectivity API
controllermanager.dll ControllerManager: Controller Management Layer for Test Tools
core.dll Superscape DAVROS Architecture
core82.dll core82
core83.dll core83
core_rl_bzlib_.dll ImageMagick Studio library and utility programs
core_rl_magick_.dll ImageMagick Studio library and utility programs
cp3245mt.dll Dynamic Link Run Time Library (VCL MT)
cptumar.dll Криптопровайдер Tumar CSP
cpuperf.dll -
cr80_q3d.dll User-Generated Microsoft (R) C/C++ Runtime Library
crashhandler.dll Steam Crash Handler Library
crashhook.dll CrashHook
crashreporter.dll CrashReporter
crashtrace.dll Crash Helper Solution
craxddrt.dll Crystal Reports ActiveX Designer Design and Runtime Support
crtslv.dll TSLV Reader
craxdrt.dll Crystal Reports ActiveX Designer Runtime Support
crdb_adoplus.dll Crystal Reports database driver for Microsoft ADO.NET
crtslv.dll TSLV Reader
crystaldecisions.crystalreports.engine.dll Crystal Reports 11
crdb_adoplus.dll Crystal Reports database driver for Microsoft ADO.NET
crdciv.dll Civ
crpe32.dll Crystal Reports Print Engine
crviewer9.dll Crystal Report Viewer
cruflqrcode5.dll Morovia QRCode UFL for Crystal Reports
crviewer.dll Crystal Report Viewer
cryd3dcompilerstub.dll D3D shader compiler stub
cryentitysystem.dll -
cryfont.dll -
crygame.dll -
cryinput.dll -
crynetwork.dll -
cryonline.dll CryOnline
cryphysics.dll -
cryrenderd3d10.dll -
cryrenderd3d11.dll -
cryrenderd3d9.dll -
crysystem.dll -
cryphysics.dll CryPhysics
crypto.dll SysSSL
cryptopp.dll Crypto++® Library DLL
cryptopp562.dll Crypto++ Library DLL
cryrenderd3d9.dll -
crysystem.dll AION GameClient