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DLL files starting with d

Name Description
damm.dll DirectAccess Media Manager
danim.dll DirectX Media -- DirectAnimation
dao350.dll Microsoft DAO 3.51 Object Library
dao360.dll Microsoft DAO 3.6 Object Library
daotpcredentialprovider.dll DirectAccess One-Time Password Credential Provider
das.dll Device Association Service
dataclen.dll Disk Space Cleaner for Windows
dataclen.dll Diskrensningshanterare för Windows
dataexchange.dll Data exchange
datgdes.dll MSDatGrd.OCX
datime.dll TIME
datusage.dll Network Data Usage Helper
davclnt.dll Web DAV Client DLL
davclnt.dll DLL-fil för Webb-DAV-klient
davhlpr.dll DAV Helper DLL
dbgcore.dll Windows Core Debugging Helpers
dbgeng.dll Windows Symbolic Debugger Engine
dbgeng.dll Symbolic Debugger Engine for Windows 2000
dbghelp-xfw.dll Windows Image Helper
dbghelp.dll Windows Image Helper
dbgmodel.dll Windows Debugger Data Model
dbmsadsn.dll Named Pipes Net DLL for SQL Clients
dbmsrpcn.dll ConnectTo RPC Net Library
dbmsvinn.dll ConnectTo VINES Net Library
dbnetlib.dll Winsock Oriented Net DLL for SQL Clients
dbnmpntw.dll Named Pipes Net DLL for SQL Clients
dbres.dll Windows Desktop Search component
dciman32.dll DCI Manager
dcomp.dll Microsoft DirectComposition Library
ddaclsys.dll SysPrep module for Resetting Data Drive ACL
ddaclsys.dll SysPrep module for Reseting Data Drive ACL
ddao35.dll Microsoft DAO C++ Library
ddoiproxy.dll DDOI Interface Proxy
ddores.dll Device Category information and resources
ddp_ps.dll Microsoft Data Deduplication Service proxy/stub
ddpchunk.dll Microsoft Data Deduplication Chunking Library
ddptrace.dll Microsoft File Server Resource Management Tracing Library
ddputils.dll Microsoft Data Deduplication Common Library
ddraw.dll Microsoft DirectDraw
ddrawex.dll Direct Draw Ex
debuggerproxy.dll Microsoft Visual Studio Internal Debugging Proxy/Stub
defaultdevicemanager.dll Default Device Manager
defaultlocationcpl.dll Default Location Control Panel
defaultprinterprovider.dll Microsoft Windows Default Printer Provider
defragproxy.dll Microsoft® Drive Optimizer Proxy Library
defragproxy.dll Microsoft® Disk Defragmenter Proxy Library
defragres.dll Microsoft\Drive Optimizer Resources
defragsvc.dll Microsoft\Drive Optimizer
defragsvc.dll Microsoft\Disk Defragmenter
delegatorprovider.dll WMI PassThru Provider for Storage Management