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DLL files starting with i

Name Description
inputsystem.dll -
instbasicui.dll InstBasi Dynamic Link Library
intellaptopgaming.dll -
iosdevice.dll -
irrklang.dll -
irrlicht.dll -
isdone.dll -
iso.dll -
iw5m.dll -
ias.dll Network Policy Server
iasacct.dll NPS Accounting Provider
iasacct.dll IAS-redovisningsprovider
iasads.dll NPS Active Directory Data Store
iasads.dll IAS Active Directory-databas
iasdatastore.dll NPS Datastore server
iashlpr.dll NPS Surrogate Component
iashlpr.dll IAS-surrogatkomponent
iasmigplugin.dll NPS Migration DLL
iasnap.dll NPS NAP Provider
iasnap.dll IAS NAP Provider
iaspolcy.dll NPS Pipeline
iaspolcy.dll IAS Pipeline
iasrad.dll NPS RADIUS Protocol Component
iasrad.dll IAS RADIUS-protokollkomponent
iasrecst.dll NPS XML Datastore Access
iasrecst.dll IAS Jet Database Access
iassam.dll NPS NT SAM Provider
iassam.dll IAS NT SAM Provider
iassdo.dll NPS SDO Component
iassdo.dll IAS SDO-komponent
iassvcs.dll NPS Services Component
iassvcs.dll Komponent för IAS-tjänster
ibsprovider.dll DISM IBS Provider
icaapi.dll DLL Interface to TermDD Device Driver
icardie.dll Microsoft Information Card IE Helper
icardres.dll Windows CardSpace
iccoinstall.dll Hyper-V Integration Components Coinstaller
iccoinstall2.dll Hyper-V Integration Components Coinstaller
icfgnt.dll Internet Connection Wizard
icfgnt5.dll Internet Connection Wizard
icfupgd.dll Windows Firewal ICF Settings Upgrade
icm32.dll Microsoft Color Management Module (CMM)
icm32.dll Microsoft Färgmatchningsmodul (CMM)
icm32.dll Image Color Matching component
icmp.dll ICMP DLL
icmui.dll Microsoft Color Matching System User Interface DLL
icmui.dll DLL-fil för färgmatchning
iconcodecservice.dll Converts a PNG part of the icon to a legacy bmp icon
iconlib.dll Icon Library
icsfiltr.dll Windows Calendar IFilter