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DLL files starting with o

Name Description
omnitracking.dll Omnitracking library
opclib.dll OPCLib
objectmodel.dll ObjectModel Plug-in
opp.dll OPP
ogscertificationutility-5_2.dll OGS CertificationUtility dll
ofx.dll Money OFX Driver Library
ontology.dll Application Ontology library
objc.dll Objective-C Runtime Library
oci.dll Oracle Call Interface
oraxml18.dll Oracle XML Library
ossc.dll OSSC
originclient.dll Origin
owl50f.dll ObjectWindows Library
oemdspif.dll Oemdspif Module
oda_dll.dll TODO: <File description>
objbase.dll Object Modal
openvr_api.dll OpenVR Loader DLL
ofcommon.dll Advanced SystemCare 7 Library
openal32.dll OpenAL32
out_ds.dll Winamp Output Plug-in
outlooklib.dll Outlook Dynamic Link Library
opengl.dll HFX OpenGL Rendering Engine
opennetstream.dll OpenNetStream
opensc_pkcs11.dll OpenSC PKCS#11 module
osd_mlang.dll Resource file of OSD
ogg.dll Ogg Dynamic Link Library
ocevogyv.dll Host Library
ocscryptoki.dll Oberthur Technologies Pkcs#11 library
ode.dll ODE Single Precision DLL for DelphiODE
ofxbridgeb64.dll -
oifil400.dll FILING LIBRARY
olch2d32.dll Olectra Chart 2D Control for 32-bit Windows
oncorefoundation8.dll ONCoreFoundation
onix32.dll Onix - Lextek International
onlineclient.dll Backup Now EZ Module
op14codec.dll GeoVision(R) Codec
openal32.dll Standard OpenAL(TM) Implementation
opencl.dll OpenCL Client DLL
openrl.dll OpenRL™ Library
opera.dll Opera Internet Browser
opsetupdll.dll OpSetupDLL
optimfrog.dll OptimFROG Lossless/DualStream DLL Library
optix.1.dll NVIDIA OptiX Ray Tracing Engine
optix.51.dll NVIDIA OptiX Ray Tracing Engine
optixu.1.dll NVIDIA OptiX Ray Tracing Utility Library
ortp.dll Vivox Communications API
ortp_x64.dll Vivox Communications API
ot4xb.dll Open Tools for Xbase++
otu.dll GOTU Service Access Layer DLL
ovrplugin.dll Oculus VR Plugin