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DLL files starting with i

Name Description
idmnetmon64.dll Internet Download Manager Network Monitor
idstrafficpipe.dll IdsTrafficPiped
ifxcardm.dll Infineon SICRYPT® Card Module
igaudio.dll IGAudioDLL Application
ikey2k64.dll iKey 2000 Token Library
image.dll Nero Recorder Driver
image2pdf.dll Image2PDF
imagx7.dll ImagX7 Dynamic Link Library
imagxpr6.dll ImagXpr6 Module
imagxpr7.dll ImagXpr7 Module
imagxra7.dll ImagXRA7 Dynamic Link Library
imbrowse.dll IncrediBrowser DLL
imdbu.dll IncrediDB DLL
imhttpcomm.dll IMHttpCo Dynamic Link Library
imlooku.dll IncrediLook DLL
imntutilu.dll IncrediNetUtils DLL
imutils.dll IncrediUtils DLL
imutilsu.dll IncrediUtils DLL
imwrappu.dll IncrediWrapper DLL
imgengine.dll Image engine library
imgman32.dll ImageMan API DLL
iml32.dll IML
impactor.dll C library for writing portable USB drivers in userspace
impactor.dll libwdi: Windows Driver Installer Library
indicium-supra.dll API-Hooking and rendering framework for DirectX-based games
inetlock.dll Internet Lock Kernel component
inetwh32.dll INETWH32
inisafeweb60vcs.dll INISAFEWeb60vcs DLL
io.dll IO.dll module for Perl
io3dengine.dll Lost Saga
ipworks5.dll IP*Works! V5
ipworks6.dll IP*Works! V6
issetup.dll InstallShield (R) Setup Engine
isskin.dll Inno Setup Skin dll
isskinex.dll ISSkinEx dll
isskinu.dll Inno Setup Skin dll
isxdl.dll Download DLL
isxdl.dll ISX Download DLL
itcmm.dll ITCMM
itcspea.dll itcspea
ithea.dll iTHEA DLL for iTHEA Key
itiimg3.dll ITI Imaging Library
izotope_radius_win32.dll iZotope Radius